Gucci achieved astounding global success

Gucci replica gucci belts astounding global success and is named the most desirable luxury brand in the world (Nielsen company, 2007). Frida Giannini, formerly Creative Director of accessories, is appointed sole Creative Director in 2006. Exploring Gucci’s rich heritage and its incomparable craftsmanship capabilities, Giannini has created a unique vision for Gucci that fuses past and present; history and modernity. Key house icons are reinvented in a fresh new guise, including Flora, La Pelle Guccissima, the New Jackie, and the New Bamboo, as the house’s tradition for innovation accelerates under Giannini.Gucci continues to focus on strengthening the values upon which its enviable reputation has been founded for its almost 90-year history: exclusivity, quality, made in Italy, Italian craftsmanship, and fashion authority. Setting it apart from its competitors, Gucci is able to claim a unique duality in its brand positioning pairing modernity and heritage, innovation and craftsmanship, trendsetting and sophistication.At the beginning of the new decade, the Florentine House launched two relevant projects which are united by a common philosophy of respect and care towards others, values that have been part of Gucci’s DNA and that of its employees since the company was founded: a worldwide eco-friendly program to reduce its impact on the environment, and the launch of Gucci’s first children’s collection, which further highlights the brand’s reputation for quality and relevance by being exclusively made in Italy

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Gucci products quickly became renowned

Gucci cheap gucci belts quickly became renowned for timeless design and were cherished by iconic movie stars and figures of elegance in the Jet Set era. Jackie Kennedy carried the Gucci shoulder bag, which is known today as the Jackie O. Liz Taylor, Peter Sellers and Samuel Beckett sported the unstructured, unisex Hobo Bag. Gucci’s classic moccasin with Horsebit hardware became part of the permanent collection at the Costume Institute, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.The brand became famous for its unique mix of innovative audacity and legendary Italian quality and craftsmanship. Gucci icons were re-invented in new shapes or colors – burning the GG logo through suede – using ever more luxurious materials, mike baby crocodile coats with sterling silver snakehead buckles.Gucci is re-launched to global renown through a groundbreaking mix of tradition and innovation. Tom Ford became creative director of Gucci in 1994 and infused the luxury brand with a sense of daring and provocation that resonated with celebrity and the fashion world. The stiletto, and silk cutout jersey dresses with metallic hardware details became instant icons of Ford’s uniquely glamorous vision.

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Gucci began to try to use special materials

Guccio fake gucci belt for sale Buddha by the British aristocracy elegant hotel work aesthetic impact , the initial inspiration for its brand creative will from London , after which , in order to this elegant sensibility and remarkable feat Italian mainland , especially in Tuscany virtuosity combined with leather craft masters , he returned to Italy.

A few short years , the brand achieved great success at home and abroad on vacation in Florence customers have flocked to a large number of high society Gucci store, looking for their favorite equestrian style bag , bags , gloves , shoes and belts. Guccio many Italian customers are local riding aristocracy , in order to meet the needs of their riding equipment , Gucci designed a unique horsebit pattern – become immortal brand logo , it is a successful example of its innovative design aesthetic .

At that time , Italy is in the difficult years of fascist dictatorship , the very lack of raw materials from abroad, the face of this dilemma , Gucci began to try to use special materials such as hemp, flax and jute . One of the most wonderful innovations craftsman is as polished bamboo handle bamboo bag , its sides curved design inspiration from the shape of the saddle . ” Bamboo Bag ” is one of the many iconic Gucci launched the first product in the exquisite works , the concept of ” necessity is the mother of invention,” to arguments mantra . This handbag has a polished handle highly favored royal staff and celebrities , is still loved by the people .

Faced with a shortage of foreign supplies during the difficult years of Fascist dictatorship in Italy, Gucci began experimenting with atypical luxury materials, like hemp, linen and jute. One of its artisans’ most subtle innovations was burnishing cane to create the handle of the new Bamboo Bag, whose curvy side was inspired by a saddle’s shape. An ingenious example of “necessity as the mother of invention”, the bamboo became the first of Gucci’s many iconic products. A favorite of royalty and celebrities alike, the bag with burnished handle remains a huge favorite today.

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